Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Legendary Collection Issue

Alright, so here's the thing: Legendary Collections. They're very good for reprinting cards to make them easier to find, reprinting massive numbers of cards to update their text (as we're seeing with Summoned Skull and the other Archfiend cards), and releasing cheap new holo versions of cards for all of the shine whores out there.

But from a consumer standpoint, the Legendary Collections are downright terrible. There's such a tiny chance of pulling something you want - unless you just want the whole damn set. What kind of person would drop $30 on five packs that select from such a large set size? Sure you get guaranteed holos, but the chance of getting a holo (or any card) that's desirable can be pretty low, since most of the cards in these sets are not desirable to the playerbase at large.

Instead, people resort to picking up the cards they want on the secondary market, as they typically hold very little value despite their potential shine. Nevertheless, I've watched many Youtube videos of people mindlessly opening set after set of a given Legendary Collection, and to be honest, I don't quite know why. These are professional-looking people, too - people who almost certainly have to have jobs, and obligations in life that those jobs are meant to help fund. So why drop so much cash on a product that is almost guaranteed NOT to make your money back? It's a question I haven't yet solved.

But this issue has gotten me thinking about something - what if ALL packs were Mega Packs?

Can you imagine picking up a pack of Judgment of the Light and knowing that, without a doubt, you would get one Rare, Super, Ultra and Secret out of it? To collect all of the secrets in a set, you would in theory need to buy eight packs instead of buying eight boxes. That's a gigantic difference, and I imagine it might be just the sort of thing Yugioh needs in order to drive down the costs of new cards while preventing them from becoming completely worthless.

I don't have much else to say here, just noting how revolutionary of an idea that would be in the wake of the Joey's World spoiler being released. Speaking of, you can find that spoiler here. Thanks for reading!

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