Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How do we deal with Dragon Rulers?

Actually, a better question to summarize this article might instead be, "How should the law deal with Dragon Rulers?"

I'm sure many of you still remember the hysteria surrounding the last "banlist season" when a very short fake list circulated that included the following text (or something with the same meaning, at least.):

"You can only use a maximum of 6 "Dragon Ruler" cards in your deck."

Quite the change from our usual banlist policy, isn't it? Even though this was eventually proven false for both the OCG and TCG lists, my interest in this idea has never really waned. The fact is, it's such an easy answer to many of the dilemmas facing us in this game that I'm surprised Konami hasn't started using it yet.

For example, Rescue Rabbit is obviously a card that wreaked havoc on the game mainly due to its use in Dino Rabbit, Evilswarm, and many early builds of Fire Fist. Now, instead of Limiting the rabbit for all players as we have now, what would you think if instead we had the following policy?

"You cannot use any copies of "Rescue Rabbit" in a Main Deck whose corresponding Extra Deck uses any copies of the following cards:
-Evolzar Laggia
-Evolzar Dolkka
-Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King
-Evilswarm Ophion"

And every time we have an Xyz Monster that's too good when summoned through Rescue Rabbit, we simply add it to that list, therefore allowing us to Semi-Limit or even completely Unlimit Rescue Rabbit.

This is only one example, though. There are countless ways to use this type of approach to specifically target decks with a track record of making people miserable while at the same time allowing everyone else to play as they wish. I'll give you one more example:

"In a Main Deck using any "Mermail" cards, each "Atlantean" card is Limited."

Anyways, enough with the examples. You get the idea by now. The point is, what are we going to do about Dragon Rulers? We could just semi-limit each of them, but that would take away from people who only want to use them fairly (as in, less than three different elements) while still allowing a 4-way deck to be playable. If we want to take away the ability to use all four Dragons in a deck completely while still allowing other decks to use them, then maybe we should unlimit each of the baby Dragon Rulers, and then adopt a policy like this one:

"You can only use a maximum of two differently named "Dragon Ruler" cards in your Main and Side Deck combined."

I know what you're thinking - how is this any different from the fake one? If every Dragon is unlimited and you can use two different ones, then that means everyone playing them would be playing six anyways.

The chief difference is that this expressly prevents you from using more than two elements, and by this point I shouldn't have to explain why three and four combinations are amazing. As always, I'd love to hear your comments on this matter. It'll probably never happen (I don't really know why, but does anybody when it comes to Konami?), but this is still something to think about as we constantly wonder how much better Yugioh could be. Thanks for reading.

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