Saturday, October 26, 2013

Final Shadow Specters World Premiere goes to... Bujin??? (& a few SHSP Number rarities)

I've found a picture that seems to show a completely unknown Bujin card, and my suspicion is that this card is the 10th and final World Premiere that has yet to be revealed from Shadow Specters! Take a look:

From the artwork, it appears to be another Dark Relic for the Bujin theme. To this day I am still cursing Konami for making Yamato an Ultra, but it's whatever I guess.

In other news, there is supposedly a poster at YCS London this weekend that displays each Number monster released so far, including a few from Shadow Specters. Because of this, we know the rarities of these upcoming cards! Numbers 64 and 65 will be Rare, while Number 46 appears to be Super. Check out the links below for more on that, and thanks for reading!

Number 46

Number 64

Number 65

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