Sunday, October 13, 2013

SEAN McCABE WINS ARGCS COLUMBUS!!! (& Coverage Highlights)

Congratulation to Sean McCabe for winning ARGC Columbus with his Constellar deck! And congrats to Eaton Guo for taking second place with his Evilswarm deck!

Easily the most notable takeaway from this event is the high placement of Constellars and Evilswarm in the tournament, wrecking huge numbers of Dragon Ruler variants on the way to the finals. These two decks used their favorable matchups against the many different forms of the incumbent deck to carry them to the top, creating an iconic Light vs Dark showdown for the finals. Constellars shocked nobody by coming out the winner of said showdown, being virtually unaffected by Evilswarm Ophion and main decking two copies of Forbidden Lance and Dust Tornado to help keep the opposition's Trap wall under control.

Big props to ARG for their coverage during this event, including a live stream with commentary for the feature matches of the playoffs, in addition to special guest commentators like Billy Brake and Jeff Jones. The Top Cut decklists, something that Konami doesn't even DO anymore (for reasons unknown to me and the majority of players), were released at the very beginning of Day 2.

Keep reading for highlights of the tournament gathered from ARG's website, conveniently put in one place for your reading pleasure. You can also check out the official recap page, as of 10/17/13. Thanks for reading this article!

A. Top Cut

Top 16:

7 Dragon Ruler
5 Dragunity Ruler
2 Blue-Eyes Ruler
1 Constellar
1 Evilswarm

Find the Top 16 decklists here.

Top 8:

3 Dragunity Ruler
2 Dragon Ruler
1 Blue-Eyes Ruler
1 Constellar
1 Evilswarm

Top 4:
1 Dragon Ruler
1 Dragunity Ruler
1 Constellar
1 Evilswarm

Constellars vs Evilswarm

B. Feature Matches
For video feature matches, please visit the ARG Youtube Channel.

Round 1: Lightsworn defeats Blue-Eyes Plant Rulers

Round 1: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Round 2: Prophecy defeats Evilswarm

Round 2: Dragon Rulers defeat Prophecy

Round 3: Sean McCabe (Constellars) defeats Lavals

Round 3: Dragunity Ruler Mirror Match

Round 4: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Round 5: Dragon Rulers defeat Sean McCabe (Constellars)

Round 5: Dragunity Rulers defeat Bujin

Round 6: Dragon Rulers defeat Evilswarm

Round 6: Desmond Johnson (Dragunity Rulers) defeats Dragon Rulers w/ Poki Draco

Round 7: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Round 8: Dragunity Rulers defeat Dragon Rulers

Round 8: Desmond Johnson defeats Thomas Vo in a Dragunity Ruler Mirror Match

Round 9: Dragunity Rulers defeat Evilswarm

Top 16: Dragon Rulers defeat Dragunity Rulers

Top 16: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Top 8: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Top 4: Evilswarm defeats Dragunity Rulers

C. Standings Updates

Standings after Round 7:

Standings after Round 8:

Standings after Round 9:

D. Miscellaneous Articles

Breakdown of all decks used by participants:

The top 5 are:
81 Dragon Ruler
31 Dragunity Ruler
24 Prophecy
18 Evilswarm
12 Fire Fist

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