Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blackwing Deck Changes - 10/25/13

As I mentioned in my latest local report, there have been so many changes to my deck since the first tournament I used it in that it would be strange to list them all in the report itself. So, I've decided to write a separate post detailing them instead. This is mainly for me to remember the reasoning behind certain card choices in the future, but here's a reminder of the deck that we're discussing:

Cards dropped: 11
[Main] 2 Doomcaliber Knight, 1 Dark Armed Dragon, 1 Dark Hole, 1 Icarus Attack
[Side] 2 Maxx "C", 1 Mystical Space Typhoon, 1 Vanity's Emptiness, 1 Starlight Road
[Extra] 1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu

Cards added: 11
[Main] 2 Spirit Reaper, 1 Mystical Space Typhoon, 1 Vanity's Emptiness, 1 Dimensional Prison
[Side] 1 DD Crow, 1 Skill Drain, 2 Mind Crush, 1 Black Horn of Heaven
[Extra] 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines

Drops in Detail

Doomcaliber Knight is a strong card and the effect control is helpful, but as time went by I felt like I needed something that would add stability to my fields since Blackwings depend so heavily on a good setup. The fact that Doomcaliber gave my opponents extra utility for their hand traps also kind of sucked. Dark Armed Dragon is really hard to get off consistently in this deck. I nearly always either draw it too early and have to sit on a dead card for a while, or draw it too late when my graveyard is already past the point of modification. There aren't many ways to modify the Dark count in this deck, anyways - if you have too many, the only things that can help you out are Blizzard and Zephyros.

I really can't explain why Dark Hole isn't so great in Blackwings. For some reason, it just never really comes in handy like it does when I play other decks. It probably has something to do with the whole "heavy field investment" thing I mentioned. And the third Icarus just felt like overkill, especially when I don't have Whirlwind to make my monsters completely replaceable.

Over in the Side, I dropped Maxx "C" since the deck really prefers real traps over hand traps, and you can't do anything with real traps when you draw them with Maxx "C". One Typhoon and Emptiness left the Side to join the Main, and I left Starlight out for the time being due to the lack of times I'd ever successfully used or needed it. Finally, there's Gachi. He was only in here because I couldn't think of much better to play in the first place, and now that there's something better, he's an easy drop due to how rarely I'd ever be able to summon him.

Additions in Detail

First up under additions, we have two copies of Spirit Reaper. Back when Blackwings were last playable in 2011, I remembered this card being teched in the deck pretty frequently, so I decided to give it a try. They've been pretty good to me so far, and I have no complaints. It's nice to have a monster that you can set safely, as well as the option to terrorize someone's hand.

I added another Typhoon just because of how extremely helpful it is, especially now that I have one less copy of Icarus. Emptiness joins the main deck due to how much of a blowout it can be against so many different types of decks, and Dimensional Prison has been a really helpful tech so far to get rid of big attackers more often.

For the side, I added one Crow to help in random rogue matchups as well as some more popular decks like Dragunity Rulers. It can also be used with Allure and Icarus, so it has natural synergy in this deck. I wanted a third Skill Drain just because of how backbreaking it can be against certain decks, and the same goes for the extra copies of Mind Crush, which were obviously picked up from Sean McCabe's winning deck from ARGC Columbus. I would probably rather be siding a second copy of Emptiness rather than Black Horn, but since I don't have one, this classic favorite of mine will just have to do for now.

In the Extra, I obviously had to add a Zenmaines since Spirit Reaper greatly boosts the number of chances to summon Rank 3s. So that pretty much covers everything! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the tournament report.

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