Monday, October 21, 2013

Battle Pack 2, Round 2! (Release: January 17, 2014)

Today I found that there is an expansion planned for Battle Pack 2, and it's actually somewhat detail-heavy so let me break it down for you guys very simplistically.

There will be special boxes of Battle Pack 2 going on sale in January that will be (supposedly) be sold exclusively through hobby stores. Each box will include six packs of Battle Pack 2 and a new, 16-card pack with 15 cards meant for draft play and one Ultra Rare "non-draftable collector's card."

From the language used in the advertisement (namely, the phrase "begging us to re-release"), it's my guess that these collector's cards are ones that CAN be used in actual games, just not Battle Pack 2 games.

Each expansion pack will have 1 Ultra, 6 Super, and 9 Common cards. The set that these packs draw from is stated to be over 100 cards, so here we go again with the issues of not being able to pull anything good on a reliable basis. But I am pretty optimistic about what the contents of such a large new set could be. There is a chance for many desirable reprints to be included here, such as cards like Safe Zone that a lot of people would really like to see reprinted. Let's hope they don't let us all down... again.


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