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Congratulations to Merlin for winning YCS San Mateo with his Dragon Ruler deck! You can find his decklist here. And while you're at it, here's the official Champion source.

Continue reading for highlights of the Top Cut, Feature Matches, round-by-round Top Tables, and miscellaneous articles all put in one place for your convenience. Since Konami's coverage has been even slower than usual following an extended crash early in Day 2, I will be continuing to update this post as more information comes in. In fact, after the Top 8 was posted (late) on Sunday, they stopped updating the event even now (as I write this update, it is Monday afternoon).

Take note of how the link to the Champion source above is dated for October 8th, 2013. That's a full two days after the event ended. What the hell, Konami? If you're just going to be lazy about posting because you know that social media has already filled a lot of people in, then why not just go ahead and allow filming and other coverage at your events?

This event was also notable for the high number of reports of penalties levied against many notable players, including Adam Corn, Paul Cooper, and Ed Acepcion. Thanks for reading, and share this article with your dueling friends to keep them up to speed!

A. Top Cut

Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Top 4:
3 Dragon Ruler
1 Dragunity Ruler

Top 8:
4 Dragon Ruler
3 Dragunity or Dragunity Ruler
1 Geargia

Top 16:
Only 15 duelists are listed here - the rumor is that Ed Acepcion was disqualified for sleeves, giving Steven Klaus a Bye.

12 Dragon Ruler, Dragunity or Dragunity Ruler
1 Geargia
1 Prophecy
1 Evilswarm

Top 32:

Please note, deck types may be mistaken.

19 Dragon Ruler variants
6 Dragunity variants
3 Evilswarm
2 Geargia
1 Prophecy
1 Fire Fist

1. Yueqi Zhu - Dragunity or Dragunity Rulers
2. Jovanny Castillo - Dragon Rulers
3. Merlin Schumacher - Dragon Rulers
4. Patrick Hoban - Dragunity Rulers (+Blue-Eyes & White Stone)
5. Alexander Juneja - Dragon Rulers
6. Logan Johnson - Dragon Rulers
7. Jorge Romo - Geargia
8. Nathaniel Christmas - Dragon Rulers
9. Kritin Deo - Dragon Rulers
10. Billy Brake - Dragunity Rulers
11. Clayton Arvizu - Dragon Rulers
12. Admassu Williams - Dragon Rulers
13. Desmond Boyd - Evilswarm
14. Michael Klasel - Prophecy
15. Christian Sagabaen - Geargia
16. Antonio Gonzalez - Dragon Rulers
17. Lexus Wingate - Dragon Rulers
18. Pete Navarro - Dragon Rulers
19. Scott Page - Dragon Rulers
20. Xue Hu - Dragon Rulers
21. Stephen Klaus - Dragunity or Dragunity Rulers
22. Cameron Vanetti - Fire Fist
23. William Montes - Evilswarm
24. Christopher Welch - Dragunity Rulers
25. Sean Nguyen - Dragon Rulers
26. Gabriel Gonzalez - Evilswarm
27. Henry Mera - Dragon Rulers
28. Ed Acepcion - Stardust Assault Dragon Rulers
29. Mario Ramos - Dragon Rulers
30. Josh Graham - Dragon Rulers
31. Matias Berrones - Dragon Rulers (+extra Earth monsters)
32. Denny Yu - Dragunity Rulers

B. Feature Matches
There were no Feature Matches posted for Round 3.

Round 1: Fire Fist defeats Fire Kings

Round 1: Earth Vehicroids defeat "Blue-Eyes Lightsworn" (actually a Prophecy deck. Halpern may have lied to get a Feature.)

Round 2: Earth Hieratics defeat Blackwings

Round 2: Scott Page (Dragon Rulers) defeats Pyrorex Lavals

Round 4: Dragon Rulers defeat Mermails w/ Non Aggression Area

Round 4: Dragon Rulers defeat Blackwings

Round 5: Robert Boyajian (Dragon Rulers) defeats Blue-Eyes Dragon Rulers

Round 6: Dragon Rulers defeat Archfiends

Round 7: Angel Flores (Dragon Rulers) defeats Constellars 

Round 7: Blue-Eyes Dragon Rulers defeat Gravekeepers

Round 8: Dragon Ruler Gladiators defeat Blackwings

Round 8: Prophecy defeats Worms

Round 9: Dragon Rulers defeat Evilswarm

Round 9: Wind-Ups defeat Prophecy

Round 10: Prophecy defeats Evilswarm

Round 11: Dragon Rulers defeat Fire Fist

Top 32: Dragunity Rulers defeat Dragon Rulers

Top 32: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Top 16: Geargia defeats Dragon Rulers

Top 8: Billy Brake (Dragunity Rulers) defeats Christian Sagabaen (Geargia)

Top 8: Dragunity Ruler Mirror Match

Top 4: Dragon Rulers defeat Dragunity Rulers

Finals: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

C. Top Table Updates

Round 4:
6 Dragon Ruler
4 Prophecy
3 Dragunity
2 Evilswarm
1 Blackwing
1 Madolche
1 Constellar
1 Wind-Up
1 Karakuri

Round 5:
9 Dragon Ruler
4 Evilswarm
3 Mermail
2 Dragunity or Dragunity Ruler
2 Prophecy

Round 6:
10 Dragon Ruler
3 Evilswarm
3 Prophecy
2 Dragunity or Dragunity Ruler
1 Blackwing
1 Constellar

Round 7:
13 Dragon Ruler
3 Prophecy
2 Dragunity or Dragunity Ruler
1 Evilswarm
1 Constellar

Round 8:
13 Dragon Ruler (Patrick Hoban was actually not using this deck in the sense that we would normally think about it. I have no idea why they titled him that way.)
3 Evilswarm
3 Dragunity or Dragunity Ruler
1 Prophecy

Round 9:
14 Dragon Ruler
2 Evilswarm
2 Dragunity or Dragunity Ruler
1 Prophecy
1 Geargia

Round 10:
13 Dragon Ruler
2 Evilswarm
2 Dragunity or Dragunity Ruler
1 Prophecy
1 Fire Fist
1 Geargia

D. Miscellaneous Articles
Only a few of these articles are listed, not all.


QQ - Special Tech

QQ - Which card are you looking forward to most in Joey's World? (Nobody answered Sixth Sense. Promise.)

QQ - What do you think will win? 

Tech Update:

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