Sunday, October 27, 2013

PATRIK RIEDER WINS YCS LONDON! (& Coverage Highlights)

Congratulations to Patrik Rieder for winning YCS London with his Dragon Ruler deck, and congrats to Alpay Engin who came in 2nd place while also playing Dragon Rulers! Check out Patrik's deck here.

This event was mainly notable for the unusually flawed coverage done by Konami Europe this time around, due to some technological issues delaying posts and even preventing them from appearing on the main category stream for quite a while during Day 1.

Of course, we also have to take note of the overwhelming dominance of Dragon Rulers in the Top Cut, taking 21 out of 32 spots. To some, this may come as a surprise on the heels of the famous Evilswarm vs. Constellar finals from the second ARGC tournament in Columbus mere weeks ago. But Dragons will do as they always do, and as such we are basically left waiting for a new TCG list to become legal on January 1. Continue reading for highlights of the event coverage all put in one place for your (and my) reading pleasure!

A. Top Cut

Top 4:
4 Dragon Ruler

Top  8:
7 Dragon Ruler
1 Evilswarm

Top 16:

Top 32 (Yes, I didn't even have to hunt it down this time. We may not have the exact lists, but at LEAST we have the deck types. TAKE NOTES, KONAMI OF AMERICA):

21 Dragon Ruler
5 Dragunity OR Dragunity Ruler
2 Evilswarm
1 Fire Fist
1 Madolche 
1 Thunder Family
1 Chain Burn

(No Prophecy or Mermails, interesting...)

B. Feature Matches

Round 1: Sergio Soldani (Inzektors) defeat Evols

Round 2: Blackwings defeat Trooper Agents

Round 3: Ping Xiao (Dragon Rulers) defeats Dark World

Round 4: Madolche defeats Karakuri

Round 5: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Round 8: Alpay Engin (Dragon Rulers) defeats Evilswarm

Round 9: Dragunity Rulers defeat Mermails

Round 10: Prophecy defeats Dragon Rulers

Top 32: Dragon Rulers defeat Thunder Family

Top 32: Fire Fist defeats Dragon Rulers

Top 16: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Top 8: Michel Gruner (Dragon Rulers) defeats Evilswarm 

Top 4: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Finals: Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

C. Top Tables and Standings Updates

Standings after Round 3:

Standings after Round 4:

Standings after Round 7:

 Standings after Round 8:

Standings after Round 9:

Standings after Round 10:

Standings after Round 11:

Round 4 Top Tables:
8 Dragon Ruler
1 Dragunity Ruler
1 Blue-Eyes Ruler
2 Prophecy
2 Evilswarm
2 Mermail
1 Fire Fist
1 Machina Gadget
1 Chain Burn
1 Anti-Meta

D. Miscellaneous Articles 

Cosplay Profile: High Priestess of Prophecy

Deck Profile: Sergio Soldani's Redox Inzektors

Deck Profile: Madolche

Day 2 Deck and Duelist Breakdown:

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