Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thoroughly Disintered: Vampires

Today over on Konami's blog site, it was revealed that the upcoming Vampire Sorceror will be Ultra Rare. And I've gotta say, I'm pretty damn disappointed with Vampires. They have plays here and there, but between Secret Shadow, Ultra Bram, Ultra Sorceror and a generally lackluster strategy, I have to wonder who is excited for them besides die-hard Zombie fans.

I guess my real question is why is Konami foiling a deck that's so underwhelming? Battlin' Boxers are playable and they weren't completely holo'd out, so why this crap? I guess they have to fill those holo slots in every pack somehow, and if they won't just decrease the number of holos, then they have to find something to take the slots. But that might be another topic for another day. That's all for now, just a short post about my frustrations.

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