Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Locals Report - 11/09/12: The First Encounter

Hey guys, what's up? You haven't read the title wrong - this will be my recollection of the very first tournament I entered at the very beginning of having a regular locals experience. This is back when I used Agents; Trooper Agents at that. Since this was so long ago, it's impossible to know what my exact deck looked like at the time. However, I can tell you that it was based on Alister Albans' YCS Providence-topping deck from September of 2012. Let's briefly go over the tournament, just for nostalgia's sake.

Round 1 vs Random Burn
G1: In a burn deck, there is no good reason to use cards like Monster Reborn and Sakuretsu Armor. Even though I paid 1500 for Venus and 2000 for Warning (negating his Reborn), I still ended up winning. He kept stalling with weird cards like The Dark Door, but Hyperion is just too good against these alternate win decks. I swear I was so nervous, I felt like I was watching myself play from outside my own body. Absolutely crazy.

G2: I Warning'd his Reborn on my Hyperion AGAIN. I'm not going to lie, I still laugh when I remember how he slammed it into his graveyard. Aside from that, I don't remember much except for this being easier than the first game.


Round 2 vs Chronomaly
G1: My deck got rolling fairly quickly, and I attacked him one too many times.

G2: I drew hardly any monsters for the vast majority of this game. I would've lost had he started attacking with his Zenmaines, but that never happened. After dealing with his Chrononaut and Atlandis, I topdecked a Thunder King and started drawing Bottomlesses for backup, but never ended up using them.


Round 3 vs Ryko Inzektors
G1: He opened with Centipede, which I Veiler'd instantly... then realizing he wasn't even activating its effect. But even so, his terrible mills, me playing around his Mystic Tomato, and repeated attacks from boosted Thunder King and Hyperion made this end quickly.

G2: He milled pretty badly again, and I had the Warning for his Call targeting Dragonfly. It ended when I attacked his Card Trooper with Hyperion and dropped Honest for exact game.


Round 4 vs Six Samurai
G1: He opened with about twelve copies each of United and Asceticism, which is totally fair. He ended with a field of Naturia Beast, Scarred Warrior, Shi En strapped with Spirit of the Six, and four backrow. My first game loss of the day.

G2: He opened shitty this time, and ran out of resources quickly. I flipped my Snowman Eater to kill his Shi En and went from there, beating him up with Venus.

G3: An even worse opening for my opponent this time; he used up all of his cards just struggling to make a Scarred Warrior which I took out by attacking with Leviathan Dragon and Kristya.


Round 5 vs Herald Agents
G1: I wasn't drawing anything but Thunder Kings, and he kept booting them off the field with Gachi and Hyperion. And Decree is a pain in the ass.

G2: I misplayed by chaining my Honest to his and not attacking with my Earth before overlaying it for a second Gachi, but still won easily

G3: Very similar to Game 1, except a dead Solemn and Typhoon dragged me down for most of the game.


Round 6 vs Gravekeepers
G1: This was extremely long, but I almost managed to get the best of him towards the end of the game. I misplayed by using my Call to bring back Kristya instead of Hyperion, then being unable to use Reborn on Hyperion.

G2: This game really wasn't meant to be mine. He booted my Thunder King off the field with Cyber Dragon, allowing him to use Duality. I tried to use Dark Hole, but it was Recruiter instead of Spy. I tried to use Heavy, but he had Starlight. I drew absolutely nothing and simply took attacks from Stardust four times in a row.


No top, but I wasn't too disappointed considering it was my first tournament in the new city. So that's about it for this stroll down memory lane. If there's anything I've gotta say, it's that I miss the feeling of being undefeated for so long into a tournament. Nowadays, it's virtually guaranteed that I'll lose one of the first three rounds. I guess I just got really lucky on that chilly day in November, but it's whatever. Thanks for reading!

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