Thursday, October 3, 2013

2013 Wave 2 Tin News: DIAMOND DIRE WOLF

Excellent news for yours truly this morning! I've found a picture indicating that Diamond Dire Wolf will be one of the reprint promos in either the Redox or Tempest Collectible Tins this year. Check it out:

This is great for me, since so many decks that I aspire to play use this card and I wasn't comfortable dropping $50 on it. (It used to be $25-$35 last I checked, but as of this writing Troll and Toad had it at $50. Wonder what's up with that?)

In any case, I totally don't care anymore anyways because the reprint I suspected all along is now likely confirmed! Bye bye $50 price tag, and say hello to something less than $5! :)

Edit: I've done some careful analysis, and I actually think that the picture could be a fake.

If you take a look at the color of the background and the card next to it (which appears to be Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights), it seems that this picture was taken from the Noble Knight Artorigus page of the newly-posted Noble Knight Showcase that I covered mere minutes ago.

The problem? I double-checked the proxy image of Diamond Dire Wolf on that exact page, and that proxy has a Cosmo Blazer ID number, NOT a Collectible Tin ID number. So my guess is that somebody took that image and Photoshopped or edited it to make it appear differently. As always, I'm not sure how people can find so much amusement in simply tricking people over the internet, but they sure got me for a few minutes there. It's a real shame too, because as you can tell from my unedited comments above, I was REALLY excited.

If there are any more updates to this situation, I'll expand on them in a future post. Thanks for reading!

Edit #2: Okay, at this point things are getting confusing, but I've now found evidence that Dire Wolf actually WILL be reprinted as I originally wrote above.

It turns out that in yet another case of Konami Being Konami, somebody accidentally uploaded a proxy of Dire Wolf from the tins, thus revealing its status as a reprint prematurely. Now of course my guess as to what happened is exactly that (a guess), but judging from how they took it down and replaced it with a Cosmo Blazer proxy, I think it's safe to assume that somewhere along the way, somebody fucked up.

I sincerely appreciate the commenter that pointed this out to me! Here's a copy of both his comment and the image that he is referencing in said comment:

Now, hopefully we can put this entire confusing ordeal behind us. 

...That is, until the next time Konami slips up. At least this one was a good one though, instead of another Spellbook of Judgment.

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