Friday, December 27, 2013

Does the new list become legal on Jan 1? Not according to this guy!

Hey guys! In the early morning hours of December 26, I was completing testing with my Tempest Simorgh deck in anticipation of finishing the updated deck profile I was preparing for you guys. Normally, I record all of my games on Dueling Network in case anything crazy happens, and boy did that happen this time. Because of the comments my opponent made during this game, I felt like this would give me the perfect opportunity to showcase some of the... well, wide variety of thought processes in this game. Originally this was meant to be a video, but for some reason I was unable to upload it. So instead, here are a few pictures that highlight our discourse.

This first picture highlights my opponent's reaction to me discarding Tempest and Corsesca to search Purple Thorns, then tributing my MPB Token to summon it so I could clear his Catastor. I had already used a copy of Tempest on my first turn to banish for Sacred Sword. Since I drew a second Tempest with it, I searched Corsesca instead, and this is how he first found out that I was using multiple Tempests. Again, this game happened on December 26, so it was completely legal for me to use multiple Tempests. Originally I didn't think much of his comments, but apparently, it was a big deal for him:

This picture shows the brief exchange we had after I won. Here, you can clearly tell that my opponent was under the impression that the January 1 banlist actually was in effect - on December 26. Not only that, but somehow, he believed that my deck was "meta" and that by not following the new list, I was someone that couldn't read. So after he left the duel, I decided to message him and clear up those misconceptions:

Alright, so I'm no Quickdraw expert, but based on my opponent's plays and his use of some of the latest cards from the OCG, he can't be that bad of a player. So how exactly do you learn to play Yugioh without knowing that a banlist doesn't become legal the very second it's released? This is yet another experience in a series of events that have happened to me over the past year or so that have shown me that just because a person is "good" at this game (although we don't know that for sure in this case, but bear with me), that doesn't necessarily mean that they're educated in any sense when it comes to the political and philosophical issues that define this game's existence. It's something that continues to fascinate me every day, especially as I repeatedly contend with people at my locals who are good enough to prevent me from topping while also lacking an understanding of a lot of the things that I consider to be important.

There's nothing wrong with not knowing every single detail about Yugioh (because obviously none of us do), but the moment you talk down to people based on misconceptions that could easily have been avoided by paying a single ounce of attention to the way this game's banlists work, that's when someone needs to show you what you're doing wrong.

Originally I didn't want to discuss his comments regarding the "meta," but now I feel like that might be worth mentioning also. There's a lot of different definitions concerning what exactly is "meta," but I'm pretty sure that no matter who you ask, "Tempest Simorgh" does NOT fit that definition and never has. I don't know if maybe he only meant meta CARDS, but if you were to use the word in that sense, well... then that's just a little bit ridiculous. It's one thing to say "I hate meta decks," but to say "I hate meta cards"? That's bordering on batshit crazy. I would've just written this guy off as a bad troll, but I'm pretty sure that once you grab a saltshaker, you relinquish the right to be considered a troll.

So anyways, thanks for tuning in today guys. I'll see you again soon.

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