Wednesday, December 4, 2013

January 1, 2014 Banlist WISHLIST

The next format's banlist is now rapidly approaching, so I thought now might be a good time to briefly tell you guys what I'd like to see happen. I don't have a complete dream list or anything, just a few general concepts I want to see expressed:

1. Ban or limit win-button cards.
Return, Sixth Sense, Limiter Removal, and Rekindling, to name a few. These are all cards that are pretty much intolerable at this point.

2. Limit cards that honestly shouldn't be used in multiples.
Dragon Ravine, Abyssteus, Sacred Sword, and Spellbook of Secrets are some good examples.

3. Don't give an unnecessary leg up to anything that's already good.
For example, if you fuckers unlimit Charge of the Light Brigade I will scream bloody murder.

4. Don't lax on too many of the restrictions that were made last format.
Don't bump Spirit back to 3, don't bump Diva back to 3, etc. You made good decisions for the most part and going back on them would suck.

5. Hit decks that aren't Dragons.
Just because Dragons reign supreme, that doesn't mean other decks don't need a hit. As soon as Dragons get weakened again, you'll start seeing more things crop up that need to be controlled. Don't be afraid to touch Prophecy, Mermails, Evilswarm and Constellars. And probably Geargia and Infernity too while you're at it. This happened on last format's list, so I'm confident we have a chance of seeing it again.

6. Use a new type of banlist procedure to fix the Dragon Ruler problem once and for all.
I've discussed this before, and while I think it may be the single most important thing on this list, I also sadly believe it is the one thing with the smallest chance of passing the legislature, so to speak. I believe that the only true way to stop the Dragon Ruler deck while still allowing the Dragons to support elemental decks is by using a new type of banlist procedure. One that goes beyond a simple "1 of this card, 2 of this card" and specifically targets things in a way we've never seen before.

For the love of god Konami, just ban people from using more than two Dragon Rulers with different names in their decks. PLEASE.

That's about everything I could think of right now; I might add more later. We're going to see the new list probably by the 20th of this month, so when that happens I'll revisit this list and take a look at which of my wishes passed and which ones didn't. Thanks for reading!

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