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03/21/14 Locals Report: Gone Fishing

Welcome to another local tournament report! Here's the decklist I used this week:

The only changes since last time are dropping Mirror Force in the main for Book of Moon and Overworked in the side for a second Delta Crow, which I talked about in my last Deck Changes post. I also swapped one of my Fiendish Chains for a Breakthrough Skill. Both of them have unique advantages, to the point where I can't confidently run two of either right now. I like that BS can't be stopped by MST or other removal and that you get to use it twice regardless of whether or not you have Zephyros or Vulcan, but Fiendish lasting until it gets destroyed in addition to stopping attacks is really useful too.

Anyways, on to the tournament!

Round 1 vs. Nobody

My opponent didn't show up. Whew, that was hard!


Round 2 vs Mermails

Somehow I missed the announcement of Round 2 pairings going up, so I made it to this match pretty late. I was up against a very good player from our area.

G1: I get through his Bahamut and Trite by using Shura to kill Bahamut with Kalut and summoning Kochi with his effect, then going into Blackship to get rid of Trite. From there, my backrows control his plays and I win.

G2: I kept my MST in hand as you usually should, but he puts together a lot of damage with Gunde and Tidal against my clear field and flips a Sphere for game.

G3: He makes Big Eye to steal my Kalut and make Zenmaines with it and Gunde. On my next turn, I summon Kalut and search Blizzard with Whirlwind, then special Gale and use him to cut Big Eye. I tune Gale with Kalut to summon Vulcan and bounce his Zenmaines and my used Fiendish, then Vulcan attacks and kills his Big Eye, leaving him with only an Abysspike out. Next turn, I drop Blizzard to bring back Gale, then tune Blizzard and Vulcan for Scrap Dragon and destroy my Whirlwind and one of his cards that I can't remember, and Scrap Dragon gets a direct shot. Next turn he summons Undine but can't use its effect, instead just poking my Gale. I drop another Blizzard next turn to revive Gale again and use Gale's effect on Undine, then attack with Blizzard and Scrap. Finally, on the next turn I topdeck MST and play it during my Draw Phase on his set Torrential. He tries to chain his set Sphere to bring out Linde and then chain the Torrential, but calls a judge to make sure and the judge says he can't, so he scoops.


Round 3 vs Gogogo Zombies

G1: He scoops early on after a few simple plays give him a setback.

G2: I have Rivalry to majorly slow him down as he can't summon any Rank 4s that are Zombies, but it's not enough to seal the game as I draw too many backrows and can't keep up with his repeated attacks.

G3: I had a good setup first turn with Bora + Whirlwind and three backrow, one of which being Icarus. However, I stupidly summoned Zephyros while he has like four backrow and he activates Torrential, so I'm forced to use Icarus to clear two others. Thunder King later comes down and starts killing his Goblin Zombies and stopping their searches, eventually just attacking his open field for three turns until he tops into a Fiendish Chain to stop him. Then, Dark Armed Dragon actually saves the day by clearing his three backrows and presenting a problem he couldn't get rid of. Not something that happens to me too often!


Round 4 vs Mermails

Up against another great player that I've only beaten once before!

G1: I remember looking at my opening hand of Shura, Bora, three traps and no draw cards and thinking, "Well. Guess I lost this one," but I ended up drawing it out and the game goes on for over 20 minutes. Eventually he scoops since he's only got 1100 life left and would rather just go to the next game, knowing that I have a Blizzard in hand.

G2: I hilariously lose to my own Rivalry as Thunder King stays alive much longer than I expected him to and I'm not able to do anything to his two defense position copies of Abyssteus before Turn 4 of time ends.

G3: Since this game begins in time we have to play Sudden Death. I grab Fiendish with my Duality, then summon Shura and set three backrows. He attempts to summon Megalo and I use Debunk. He sets a monster and one backrow, which I Typhoon in the End Phase and it's Torrential. I summon Thunder King (why do I keep drawing you?) and go into Cowboy and my opponent immediately scoops, declining to shake my hand.


At this point, it's very likely that I'll top no matter what happens next round. We did it!

Round 5 vs Fire Kings

It's a good thing I was undefeated going into this round, since Fire Kings are a pretty bad matchup. Not impossible by any means, especially with my Side, but just not good.

G1: He destroys Barong when Yaksha gets killed and searches Onslaught, then bringing out the adult Garunix. However, he attacks for some reason and my lone backrow is Dimensional Prison, so from there I'm able to take it.

G2: I don't actually remember this game, but I lost.

G3: A Rekindling for four monsters is just too hard for me to overcome. I use Kalut + Gale to cut his Bear in half and go into Zenmaines to swing over it, but he makes Ark next turn to take Zenmaines and I don't topdeck anything useful the next two turns.


And... I topped! I came in 5th place after Swiss, but won all of the die rolls for Top 8 (we don't actually play it out) and came in first place after it was all said and done. I got three packs of Legacy of the Valiant and one Astral Pack 4 as a result, and in the picture below you can see all of the rares I pulled and some of the cards I traded for. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time!

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