Tuesday, March 4, 2014

02/28/14 Locals Report: Wings on Fire

Hey guys! My recent slump has continued to be absent, so I decided to write a regular tournament report for the first time in a while. Here's the Blackwing decklist I used this week:

The only change since last time is switching Catastor for Armades. This really wasn't a calculated decision; I was just hanging around at home shortly before it was time to leave for the tournament, and just decided to try Armades out and see if he's better than Catastor. Your Level 5 Synchros usually aren't that gamebreaking in Blackwings, so I didn't feel like changing them for one tournament would be a big deal. As it turns out, Armades might actually be keeping that spot. Now let's cover the tournament.

Round 1 vs Psychics

G1: I don't really remember this game too much, but I won without much trouble.

G2: He starts with a Naturia Beast, and I open with literally no monsters lol. Thankfully he doesn't have Lance to stop my Compulsory and I'm able to start using my Spells, including Allure and Duality. This game drags on for a long time, but eventually I get the upper hand and win.


Round 2 vs Lightsworn

G1: Basically, his inability to get a fourth name in time made him lose.

G2: This time, he has four names and drops double JD alongside two other monsters to force me to scoop.

G3: There was a point at which I had Bora and Zephyros out, and wasn't sure if I wanted to explode or not. I decided to go ahead and do it, since Lightsworn kind of sucks when your life gets really low. I summoned Veiler and tuned it to Zephyros to summon Armades, then bounced Bora to revive Zephyros and re-specialed Bora. Armades attacked over his Ehren, then I dropped Kalut when Zephyros attacked directly and Bora got a direct shot in as well. In MP2, I used Bora and Zephyros to make a Cowboy, knocking him all the way down to 200 life points. He actually managed to explode back, using double Lumina to end up with a field of Chaos Sorcerer, Leviair, and Starliege Paladynamo. But again, Lightsworn sucks when your life is really low. I simply summoned Blizzard, went into Armed Wing, and smacked Leviair for game.


Round 3 vs Fire Fist

G1: My opponent opens with double Upstart, Thunder King and five backrows and I open with no removal. I decided to just wait for a while to see if I ever drew any, and I never did. I did have a Duality and double Whirlwind though. Great! /sarcasm

G2: There was a point at which my opponent was going to lose but topdecked a Wolfbark just in time. Because that's fair. /salt


Round 4 vs Lavals

G1: My opponent has the standard Conduction + Rekindling play. Although I resist the urge to use Compulsory on his Librarian and instead save it for Lavalval Dragon, he still defeats me with Blaster and Lakeside Lady combos, drawing several cards along the way.

G2: I open with two Rivalry, Dimensional Prison and Bottomless. He uses Lakeside Lady and Blaster but conveniently misses both Rivalries, and eventually just scoops due to them.

G3: My opponent has triple Reckless. I don't have an answer for his Lavalval Dragon this time, so with the help of a Conduction it bounces my entire field and he goes into Quasar for game.


Once again, not exactly the best way to lose out, but at least the losing streak is still over. I also pulled an ultimate Necrovalley from my Astral Pack, but unfortunately I was too excited to sell it before taking a picture of it lol. Regardless, here's a picture of everything else I got on that night. Thanks for reading!

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