Saturday, March 15, 2014

Extra Deck Answers to Bujin

(This is an edited-down version of a piece that I meant to publish a while back. The goal of this article was to highlight a few cards that I think are a big help in the Bujin matchup. You'll notice that they have extra relevance due to the fact that they all come from the Extra Deck, giving you access to them without having to draw them or wait until you can use your Side Deck. This is not an exhaustive list, just a few that I wrote down when I originally began this.)

Synchro Monsters

Ally of Justice Catastor
This card doesn't go into the Damage Step so it completely avoids Crane. If Hare is used, you'll proceed to the Damage Step where Crane can then intervene, but using up two of their relics with one card is pretty decent sometimes.

HTS Psyhemuth
This not only diminishes the usefulness of Crane or Honest by getting rid of a Beast-Warrior regardless of the battle's outcome, but it also completely avoids both Turtle and Hare since it doesn't target and doesn't destroy. Excellent!

Powered Inzektron
This card completely neutralizes the usefulness of Crane or Honest while also getting past any other removal that would destroy it.

Black Rose Dragon
This card is great for avoiding Crane, Crow and Turtle, but it fails against Hare. It's still nice to take out every other card on the field, but getting rid of the Beast-Warriors is what really matters.

Colossal Fighter
This card has seen a lot of discussion in anti-Bujin circles already, since it can run right through any Cranes your opponent has waiting for you. However, it's very weak to just about anything else in terms of removal, as well as Hare and Quilin.

Xyz Monsters

Slacker Magician
This card can be very difficult for Bujin players to get rid of. The easiest way to overcome this card is by attacking it, but how often will your opponent be able to summon two Beast-Warriors and have a Crane or Honest for each of them? (And even if they do, then congrats because they've just used two of them up.) You might assume that giving your opponent the chance to have two Beast-Warriors will just encourage them to go into their Extra Deck, but there isn't a single Xyz monster accessible to Bujin that can get through this girl on its own.

Ghostrick Dullahan
This card eats through Turtles pretty easily while costing you nothing, and if your opponent doesn't have Turtle then it makes their Beast-Warrior much less of a threat.

Number 49: Fortune Tune
Similar to Slacker magician, stall Xyz like Fortune Tune put up a good fight against Bujin. It will typically take them a while to get through this card, and even when they finally do it just recycles anyways. Not a bad tactic when you're going into time.

Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
You can run right past Crane and Hare with this card, since turning the monster face-down will make both of them useless. 

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