Monday, March 17, 2014

03/14/14 Locals Report: Contract Broken

Hey guys, back with another local tournament report. Locals was absolutely PACKED on this Friday, boasting a turnout of 72 people during the pre-tournament announcements.

My deck has undergone some big changes since the last time I went to locals (02/28/14), so here it is and I'll run through the changes themselves in another post:

Round 1 vs Infernity

G1: He opens with Armageddon + Instant Fusion and summons Lavalval Chain at first, then decides to summon Steelswarm Roach instead for some reason. I'm later able to Delta Crow him for three cards which gives me a big advantage and I win.

G2: This time Delta Crow hits four cards, and I also have Skill Drain. I use Kochi to go into Scrap Dragon and swing over his monsters until it eventually dies, then drop DAD and Wyverburster in one turn to attack his blank field and take it. 


Round 2 vs Chain Beat

G1: This is the same guy that played Gladiator Beasts in Round 1 on 02/21/14. Knowing that he always plays something trap-heavy, I roll the dice harder than usual and take first. I open with Shura + Whirlwind, Icarus, and Typhoon, which breaks apart his entire setup. When I Duality for another Icarus a turn later, he scoops.

G2: This goes on for a while and I make my first big misplay of the day by not using Prison on his Bear attack, but eventually I clear his monsters with help from Drain and Fiendish and run through all of his live backrow by constantly normal and flip summoning. After a while, he's low enough from residual damage and Twister payments to scoop to my last Black Garden token.


Round 3 vs Mermails

G1: My opening hand is really weak and I'm just not able to pull this one out for shit. This always seems to happen whenever I play this guy.

G2: I make a misplay with Dweller that most likely ends up costing me a really close game.


Round 4 vs Prophecy

G1: Originally I was in great shape to win this game with Thunder King attacking repeatedly, but misplayed by using Fiendish on his Temperance. I have a Bottomless for his resulting World, but he has Wisdom to save it. Thankfully I have Veiler to stop its effect, but have nothing to get rid of the actual card for several turns until I top a Prison. He misplays by not using Fate on the Prison and attacking first (it was my only face-down backrow), but is able to bring out Priestess with another Temperance and I scoop.

G2: Again, Thunder King attacks him directly for several turns while he can't do anything, and I go into Cowboy with Shura to finish it.

G3: I open pretty weakly with double Skill Drain and my only monsters being Bora and Wyverburster. Bora gets spun by a PWWB which gives me a bad setback, but I use a Typhoon to clear a different PWWB in the End Phase. Eventually, I start drawing more monsters while he can't do anything under Skill Drain and I Mind Crush him for double Temperance to win it.


Round 5 vs Astral Force Gadgets

G1: My opponent draws nothing but backrow and hiding behind Level Limit - Area B for a very long time, and you know how that tends to go against Blackwings. He eventually summons Utopia with Goldfish + Kagetokage, but when he activates Astral Force he mistakenly thinks that it allows him to summon two Rank 5 versions of Utopia from his Extra. After I show him what the card means, he scoops, as he was planning to do anyways.

G2: I open with double Veiler and I'm forced to use both of them on his first turn, putting me in weak shape. I'm able to continue for a while but don't draw an out to his Utopia that's powered up by Heroic Challenger - Extra Sword.

G3: He keeps me locked down with double Kaiser Colosseum for a while, but we go into time and he's unable to bring my 7300 life down to his 1500.


This was it - an x-1 finish, which I haven't had in such a long time. However, due to the high turnout, I still did not top. I overheard my Round 2 opponent say that at least six x-1s didn't top. It was a little disappointing, but to be completely honest with you guys, I still feel like I really accomplished something. This may not be an actual top, but regardless, I'm going to go ahead and release myself from the Blackwing "contract"; from this point forward, I will consider myself free to switch to another deck. It may not actually happen for a while, especially if good Blackwing support comes out of Dragons of Legend, but I'll keep you updated. If anything, my position at LegitYGO should be able to help me build a new deck much, much faster than I would be able to otherwise. Thanks for reading!

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