Thursday, March 6, 2014

OCG Rulebook Changes, TCG Rule Change Update, Memories of the Duel King (DK) Full Spoiler

A few different stories to cover today!

Firstly, the latest version of the OCG's official rulebook has been released online. It includes the full details of how to Pendulum Summon, as well as the changes to Field Spells and the first turn. There's also a new detail about Field Spells that we didn't know about before, which is that if you activate or set a new Field Spell while you already had one, the first one is no longer considered to be destroyed. So that's a nice little shit on Geartown decks, I guess. There's also some official clarification of the Damage Step. For all of the details, click on the following link.


Almost coincidentally, last night I got wind of an update from Konami's TCG wing. They've announced that, despite the rule changes coming to the OCG very soon, there is no currently planned change to the rules for any TCG territories. Yay, more splits in the two games! They did however mention that Pendulum Monsters will indeed be coming this summer, as most people assumed.


Finally, I wanted to take note of the full spoiler for the Memories of the Duel King: Duelist Kingdom deck being released. It's mainly just a nostalgia release with an effect change for Catapult Turtle and a single brand-new card, Electromagnetic Turtle. Still no word on when this will come out in the TCG if at all.


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