Sunday, March 30, 2014

April 2014 Format Premier Event Schedule (Updated 04/09/14)

I originally started writing this to help keep track of the busy event schedule for my articles both here and on LegitYGO, but I figured I may as well post it and help everybody else stay in the loop as well. Take note that this list does not account for the vast majority of WCQs; only that of North America, South America, and Central America are listed (and now Europe). Also, each date listed is the Saturday that the event officially begins on. Enjoy!

*Bolded events will take place in the United States. 

04/05/14 - YCS Mexico City

04/12/14 - YCS Las Vegas

04/26/14 - ARGCS Richmond

04/26/14 - YCS Paris

05/17/14 - YCS Philadelphia

05/31/14 - ARGCS Washington D.C.

06/14/14 - ARGCS Milwaukee

06/28/14 - ARGCS Philadelphia

06/28/14 - European Championship (European WCQ)

06/28/14 - South American WCQ

07/05/14 - Central American WCQ

07/12/14 - North American WCQ

(This list was updated on 04/09/14 to include the 2014 European Championship/WCQ.)

As you can see, the schedule is absolutely packed thanks to the combined efforts of Konami and ARG. There are tons of events to look forward to; especially exciting are those occurring after the release of Dragons of Legend on April 25 and Primal Origin on May 16.

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