Monday, March 17, 2014

Blackwing Deck Update (03/14/14)

There's been another tremendous amount of changes in my Blackwing deck lately, so here I am with another Deck Changes post to accompany my latest tournament report. First, I'll show you the most recent list from February 28:

And now, here's the new list!

Next, here's a summary of the changes:

-1 Sirocco, 1 Mistral, 2 Reaper
-1 Psyhemuth, 1 Blader

+1 Kochi, 1 Wyverburster, 1 Thunder King, 1 DAD
+1 Roach, 1 Nightmare

And now, explanations!

Just like in the last deck update, Sirocco has been trending down for me. While last time it was primarily an issue of him conflicting with me often having an established field and the fact that it kind of completely negates the advantages of half his effects, this time I've started to believe he's kind of useless entirely. If you have a Whirlwind and an open field (or a monster you don't mind Tributing), then Sirocco is a pretty damn solid card. But outside of that situation, he really doesn't do much of anything, and there are many times where his Whirlwind combos (with Bora, Kalut, and Gale) still aren't enough to justify his place in the deck. So I decided to go ahead and drop him for now.

I've returned to playing Kochi for the first time since very early in this format, exchanging him for Mistral. While Mistral tends to be a much stronger standalone draw, going into a Rank 4 off Shura's effect instead of a Level 6 Synchro (or just sitting on Shura and Mistral as I would often do) seems to be a much stronger option right now.

Next we have Spirit Reaper. Although I still can't deny the synergy that Reaper has with this deck, I think what he does best is giving you a good stall early in the game while you wait to draw into Black Whirlwind. I've decided for now that I want to try out some cards that create a defense by virtue of their offense instead of by just sitting there unless your opponent has no monsters, and see where that takes me. Also, drawing Reaper in the mid or late game sucks.

Sirocco being gone makes it more difficult to summon Level 8 Synchros, so I narrowed them down to just Scrap Dragon. And with the whole Mistral and Kochi switch, it makes sense to drop a Level 6 Synchro in exchange for some more Rank 4 options. As much as I'd love to drop Armed Wing, the ability to steal games with his piercing makes it kind of hard to get rid of him. Thus, my beloved Psyhemuth had to take the axe. I heard about Steelswarm Roach and Evilswarm Nightmare on DuelistGroundz, and so far I haven't summoned them much so I'm not sure if I'm keeping them in or not. But Roach does seem immediately better than Crimson Blader since it's so much easier to go into a Rank 4 Xyz rather than a Level 8 Synchro.

The card I was mainly talking about when I mentioned dropping Reaper to try out some offensive stall cards is Thunder King Rai-Oh. Based solely on Friday alone, I think I can comfortably say that he'll be keeping his spot.

Finally, we have the Dragons: Wyverburster and Dark Armed Dragon. I first heard about Wyverburster on Pojo and then heard very good things about it on DGz. In short, it helps enable Rank 4 plays, OTKs, and the summon of Dark Armed himself. Speaking of, I'm honestly still really on the fence about Dark Armed. I figured it'd be fine to reintroduce him since I'm playing Wyverburster now, but there's still many more times when I draw him dead rather than live so far. I'll test him some more and take him out if things don't get better.

As for now, there are even more changes that I've started testing since locals on Friday. I dropped Mirror Force for Book of Moon, and I've swapped Overworked for a second Delta Crow in my Side. After Friday, Delta Crow just seems too good not to have two of. It's literally a 1-card auto-win against decks that use a lot of backrow. And Mirror Force just doesn't feel especially necessary right now with double Prison in the main, so I want to test out a more reactive card like Book to see if it makes any difference. I'm also still trying to get a copy of Silent Honor Ark, and when I do I'll most likely be taking Blackship out of my Extra for it.

Anyways, thanks for reading and I'll see you guys later.

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