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07/12/13 Locals Report: Birthday!

This week at locals was particularly significant to me, as it was not only my birthday, but a birthday that I ended up deciding to spend at home rather than traveling back to my hometown and attempting to see some friends. I basically figured it'd be better to go to locals and deal with the small chance of topping rather than go home and face the extremely large chance of being let down by my old friends. But enough of my personal life - this day was also special because it marked the release of Number Hunters! Naturally, I had to buy five packs before the tournament started... and they were shit. Here are the Secrets I pulled:

And before you go wondering about the Supers, the only good ones I got were two Mechquipped Angineers and two Heraldry Records. Although I am very excited to have two copies of Record, it wasn't worth the $20+ that I spent. I feel like I'm caught in a trap... I hate spending money, but I hate holding on to it. So I end up using some of it on this... bullshit. Anyways, on to the tournament.

My deck is the exact same as last week, except for a single change in the Side Deck. I took out Volcanic Queen (who's been coming up dead a lot in testing lately) for a second copy of Light and Darkness Dragon. The main reason for that is because I can't afford to keep auto-losing every single time I sit down to play Dragon Rulers or Prophecy, and an extra LADD gives me a shot at actually doing something. That being said, here's the breakdown.

Round 1 vs Elemental Heroes
G1: He made a couple of big misplays on the opening turn, including Dark Bribing my Typhoon that targeted his Compulsory, and then using that Compulsory to bounce my Raiza. Eventually I went into Ptolemy with Caius and Raiza and kept stealing his Draw Phases, leading him to a very quick death.
G2: This game might have been even faster than the first, since I had a good number of Monarchs. He dropped Gorz, but I had Caius for it next turn.

After the round, my opponent traded me a very special new Xyz Monster. Read to the end (or scroll down, who cares) to find out what it was!

Round 2 vs Evols
I'm actually starting to get a little sick of this match up for some reason, but my opponent was new to the game so I didn't have to sweat too much.
G1: This took a while, but I was able to evade two of his Westlos with Veiler and Treacherous and eventually wade through each of his Wabokus and Threatening Roars.
G2: This game was a bit brutal. He ran out of card advantage early and had to deal with at least two Raiza effects, then I used one Caius to banish itself and deal him 1000 (there were no other targets on the field) before my second copy attacked for game.

Off to a great start!

Round 3 vs Toon Table Prophecy
I used to get paired up against this guy (one of the "pros") all the time back when he came to locals a lot, and I wasn't too happy to see it happen again as soon as he came back.

G1: I don't remember this game much except for having Veiler for his opening Magician, but he rebounded quickly when I wasn't able to answer his Jowgen.

G2: I didn't have the Veiler for his Magician first turn, and I found out later that it basically cost me the game. He attacked first turn and let me drop a 3000 Tragoedia, but he immediately played Fate to get rid of it and patch his mistake. I ended up facing down two Star Halls with 25 counters between them, plus his Magician and Jowgen (who I killed once, but came back thanks to Life). He double Power'd his Magician thanks to Master and jumped it to 5000 ATK, killing my Swap Frog and dealing huge damage. Even though he misplayed by using Wisdom to make Jowgen unaffected by Spells (trying to make it run past my Messenger, but instead only depriving it of the Star Hall boosts), I lost anyways.

From this point I'd have to either win both rounds or at least win one and tie the other to have a shot at topping. Anything could happen, but at least this is extremely doable.

Round 4 vs Battlin' Boxers
G1: This game was pretty easy. Monarchs did what they do best and took out his Lead Yokes with very few problems.
G2: I drew only one Monarch the entire game, which I believe was countered with Warning. That and I misplayed by Veilering his Headgeared instead of saving it for a later Switchitter play.
G3: Didn't draw a single Monarch, nor did I draw an out to his Rivalry. 

Fuck. this.

Round 5 vs Vallhalla Sanctuary Random Fairies
I don't know why these random mash-ups of Fairy monsters are so popular for newer players, but it's whatever.
G1: I don't remember this game except for topping into Raiza at the perfect moment to allow a somewhat comeback.
G2: He had double Hyperion, lol.
G3: Again, I topped into a Monarch (probably Caius) at a perfect moment to get myself back in the game, and there was little he could do about it.


My deck chose the worst day to fail me in Round 4, honestly. I'm pissed that this had to happen on my birthday, but topping only happens once in a while so there wasn't much to expect. Anyways, here are the cards I got on that night. Thanks for reading!

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