Saturday, July 6, 2013

Locals Report - 07/05/13: DRAGON RULERS

Welcome to another week at locals! The deck I used this week is the exact same as last week, so let's get into it.

Round 1 vs Destiny Heroes
G1: I didn't start very well, but he eventually triggered Trag and I basically won off that alone, thanks to it being able to swing over his Defenders.
G2: I kept attacking him with another giant Tragoedia. I decided to use my Typhoon on his backrow instead of Clock Tower Prison, and hit Mirror Force which was great. Eventually he played another CTP to destroy the first one, but I had Veiler for Dreadmaster and Caius helped me seal it.

I was totally going to make a Dogma Hero deck a while back... maybe this will inspire me to get back to work on it? Triple Destiny Draw is pretty good, after all.

Round 2 vs Redoxsoil Psychics
G1: I remember Raiza spinning his Witch early on after dodging Veiler with Controller. The game stalled for a bit when he brought out Crimson Blader, but I got rid of it somehow. Later he summoned Grandsoil and revived Blader, but I cleared them by stealing Blader with Controller and suiciding them.
I decided to keep in my Typhoons to avoid any tricky siding. It was a good call, but I didn't get to draw them lol.
G2: He brought out Blader, but attacked right into my Gorz with it a turn later. He used Jumper to take my Gorz and give me a Witch, then tribute summoned his own and went into Dracossack. Eventually I cleared Dracossack and three tokens and was simply dropping monsters every turn against his repeated backrow, including two Fiendish. Eventually, Dark Dust got an opening and took it.

This was my first time beating this person; we've played three times before and he's one of the "pros" at locals. Not to mention I barely ever win the first two rounds in a row, so I felt great at this point.

Round 3 vs Dragon Rulers
G1: He kept trying to OTK me, and after about five tries it finally worked.
G2: I popped out LADD on turn 2 thanks to Electric Virus, and attacked him with it twice before he activated Sword and chained Skill Drain, then summoned Blaster, Tidal, Tempest and Colossal Fighter to OTK me.


Round 4 vs Blackwings
G1: I opened pretty terrible, with something like Veiler, 2 Controllers and 2 Typhoons. I drew Gorz for turn, who helped hold me over for a while. I eventually drew into Raiza and Jinzo, and went into Gauntlet Launcher when he dropped Gorz, then Gaia Charger next turn. Strange how absolutely no frogs showed up this game, but whatever.
G2: I opened well this time, and eventually drew another Jinzo to lock him down and a Raiza to ruin his only way out.


Round 5 vs Dragon Rulers
G1: I was doing okay with staying alive for a long while partly thanks to Slacker, but he eventually summoned Veiler and used two tokens to summon a 7700 ATK Ancient Sacred Wyvern.
G2: This went into time after a while, and it basically came down to me not having enough defense for when he kept summoning the dragons to attack me over and over again. Because that's fair... sigh.


I'm so sick of Dragon Rulers. I'm just SO sick of them... Anyways, in the picture below you can see everything I got tonight. Thanks for reading as always.

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