Monday, July 29, 2013

Deck Profile: Tefnuit Diva Heroes (#1, 07/27/13)

Hey guys, I'm back with another deck profile. After my Monarch deck's rare unfortunate scrub-out on [07/19/13] (which also happened to be the three month "anniversary" of the first tournament I used the deck in), I decided it was time for a change and started looking into decks I could put together quickly in time for the next tournament. I eventually stumbled upon the Absolute Zero deck that I used on and off from October 2011 until about September 2012, and after some fixes and testing rounds, brought it up to speed:

Ultimately, for the time being I've decided not to run the deck at locals. Even though it's extremely fun to play and has a lot of cool but simple combos, the deck is very prone to drawing the wrong cards at the wrong time, which is literally unavoidable just because of the nature of the cards it uses. Let me give you a few examples:

-Diamond Dude is nearly useless without Destiny Draw
-Drawing into both Malicious is devastatingly terrible
-You never want to draw Lost Blue Breaker. It needs to stay in the deck so Diva can summon it
-Same with Wattaildragon and Tefnuit.
-Although it doesn't happen often, there's always the chance of drawing Destiny Draw or Convocation without a target.
-There's no way to search any of the deck's five Water monsters, so Miracle Fusion can be dead at times.

While these kinds of problems exist for most decks, I feel like the sheer number of these issues all being in the same deck is what makes this one uniquely less reliable than others. Plus, most decks don't have cards that they flat-out never want to draw like Breaker and Wattail. During testing and research, I found no cards that allowed me a safe, efficient and worthwhile method of returning cards from my hand to the deck, so I pretty much had to deal with whatever I drew. Sometimes, that honestly sucks - and when you have a deck that sucks just because it drew cards, that's a serious red flag lol. But that doesn't change the fact that the deck is a TON of fun, and so I will briefly explain the cards and how it works.

1. Our Hero engine is pretty standard, except that I see a lot of people running Doom Lord instead of Dasher. To me, Doom Lord is a worse choice because of its pitiful stats and utter slowness in today's game, in addition to not having the synergy Dasher has due to its level. Being a level 6 adds tremendous synergy with both the Hieratic and Diva engines, and it has a better partnership with Destiny Draw due to its effects that activate even in the graveyard. On top of that, it's one of my favorite cards! A giant no-brainer.

2. The Diva engine is standard, providing power plays through Synchro Summons and backrow hate. I added Reese to make Miracle Fusion a bit more consistent and to give the deck some more stall power when it isn't in the position to attempt a powerful move. Although she can be stepped on easily by Xyz monsters, she's often enough to buy you an extra turn or two which can be all you need.

3. The Tefnuit engine is the heart of the deck. Tefnuit is an amazing card thanks to its easy summon condition and level synergy, but its even better since you can draw (or search) multiple copies and make power plays out of it, unlike a lot of other cards in the deck.

4. We have a set of four seemingly random Dark monsters, but be assured that they each contribute something special:
-Reaper gives stall power, which is great in a deck with no backrow
-Tomato is a valuable searcher that can grab Malicious
-Caius is another level 6 with a powerful removal effect
-Plaguespreader is basically the only worthwhile card I've found that can return dead cards to the deck, in addition to being a revivable level 2 Tuner.

5. Scapegoat might seem odd, but it's a great card to slow your opponent down and buy yourself some time, in addition to providing Synchro Material.

6. You might want to ignore the Side Deck; I just tossed some cards together that I thought would shore up the deck's general weaknesses:
-Snowman is good against a lot of decks in addition to being Water
-Scarecrow helps deflect OTKs
-Vanity's Fiend is a pimp
-Metaion gives you a field clearer for when you get into deep shit
-Messenger is a good side-in for backrowless decks
-Soul Drain wasn't very well thought out, since it stops your own Malicious and Tefnuit combos (in hindsight, this might be the only choice you should just flat-out ignore)
-Decree is AMAZING.

That should cover everything that makes this deck unique. Despite all of the consistency issues, this deck is still very unique and enjoyable. Even though I've decided not to play it for now, there is still a future for this deck to me, and I'll keep working on it and continue to develop new ways to play it. But until then, thanks for reading!

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