Monday, July 8, 2013

Number Hunters Complete Spoiler Imminent

Hey guys! As I'm sure you all know, Number Hunters is dropping on my birthday - that is, this Friday, July 12. And since European stores get their supply earlier than we do here in the US, pretty soon we should be seeing the spoilers of the rest of the cards that we don't know yet. And what are these cards? Only 22 of the 60 cards in the set haven't been spoiled in relation to their position in the set yet. Isn't that crazy??? They occupy the following slots:

NUMH-EN013 - 025 (13)
NUMH-EN050 - 057 (8)

Also, there are spoilers for five cards that we do supposedly know to be in the set, but simply don't know their position yet: Box of Friends, Photon Cerberus, Stoic Challenge, Overlay Capture, and Gimmick Puppet Ritual. So I guess you could really say that there are only 17 complete unknowns in the set, which is pretty insane seeing as it's still not even out yet.

All in all, I think this is going to be a decent set. I don't see that many new Xyz that are necessarily going to break the game, but that's mainly just because people haven't started using them in a range of different strategies yet. I'm sure that once the set comes out, a few or even many of them will begin to see some mainstream use. The only problem is that they have all of the amazing Xyz that already exist to compete with, and this makes them look worse in comparison - for example, generally there's not much reason to use stall monsters like Mechquipped Angineer or Number 49 when we already have Wind-Up Zenmaines and Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut. But look out for cards like Number 15, Number 74, and Norito to see some use in the strategies that can wield them, since they are legitimately good.

As for the new anime theme cards that are coming out, I think you'll definitely be seeing an increase of interest in those themes on the casual level, especially Gimmick Puppets since they basically didn't even exist before. However, I'm not yet convinced that any of them will make the jump to being competitive.

Anyways, thanks for reading guys. I'll be back later this week with the complete spoiler and then a complete review of the set, including a list of cards good enough to deserve your attention. Later!

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