Thursday, July 25, 2013

JOTL Preview: Secret Rare Armades?

Today on the Konami Strategy Site, an article was posted about Armades, Keeper of Boundaries that appears to show him as possibly being a Secret Rare. I'm really not a fan of this; it seems like Konami is just making every single worthwhile Synchro a super high rarity like they did back in the day.

Now to Armades' credit, he does shut down a huge variety of different cards and effects in addition to only being level 5, which isn't hard to summon. Here's a short list of things he can block:

-Attack response trap effects (Dimensional Prison, Mirror Force)

-Attack response monster effects (Catastor, Grand Mole, Battle Fader, Scarecrow)

-Damage Step effects (Honest, Counterpunch, Bujingi Crane / Yata, Lance [if your opponent is dumb enough to actually wait until the Damage Step to activate Lance], Gorz, Tragoedia)

-Any Flip Effects, named or not (Penguin Soldier, Ryko, Snowman Eater)

-Any recruiter monster or self-replacing effect (Abysslinde, Mystic Tomato, Reborn Tengu, Glassjaw)

-Any other effects that could activate in that time frame (Judgment, Warning, Stardust Dragon)

So we can establish that Armades is a great card and even though I don't really like it, he does deserve Secret status (assuming he is one). But it's a little weird that any worthwhile card in the set is turning out to be a Secret - this might just be a set that budget players like me would be better off not buying. Especially when you consider things like Angel of Zera potentially being a Secret. Now that's just strange.

What do you guys think? Do you like the rarities in JOTL so far, or do you think more of the good cards should be easier to get? Leave a comment, and I'll talk to you soon.

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