Friday, July 26, 2013

The set after Shadow Specters finally announced!

We've had to wait an unusually long time for this set name to be announced, since they usually come out in the OCG before the previous set has even been completely spoiled, let alone released. But this one's name is Legacy of the Variant, and its cover card is named Number C101: Silent Honors Dark Knight. I haven't watched Zexal in over a year, so I have absolutely no idea what that cover card is relevant to. But it is exciting that we finally know the name of the first set to come out after the end of the Attribute sets. This set has all of the regular stats for core sets, and will be out in the OCG in November 2013. Thanks for reading!


Edit: It would make more sense if this name was rendered as Legacy of the Valiant instead, lol

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