Sunday, July 28, 2013

What if elements were separate from attributes?

Just some random nonsense I was thinking about. On Pojo, a lot of people constantly keep asking if there will eventually be a Light or Dark Dragon Ruler, or a Light or Dark Elemental Lord, and they're always corrected by being told that Light and Dark aren't elements.

My thought is, what if Attributes were only for Light, Dark and Divine (and maybe even a new one called Neutral)? Everything else would be considered an Element, with a separate colored sphere on the card. It would be amazing to see things like Light Fire and Dark Fire monsters. It would add a whole new dimension of diversity and variety to the game's classifications... but sadly, I think we're way too far along in the game's existence for these things to ever actually become a reality, since a LOT of cards might have to be reworded or a gigantic rule change would have to be instated. Not exactly the hardest thing to do, but I just don't think Konami ever would. Still a cool thought, though.

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