Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Deck Profile: Dust Burn (#1, 07/24/13)

Hey guys! Welcome to a profile of a brand new deck I started to conceptualize around the time that Blue Duston was first spoiled, a little less than two weeks ago. It was after I watched a MegaCapitalG video about why Ceasefire should be unlimited (which is a bad idea) that the spark first ignited in my head for this idea. It's a little difficult to explain without letting you see it first, so take a look before I go on.

Those of you that are new to the Duston archetype might be really confused right now, but this deck is extremely simple. The concept is simply to flood the field with Duston monsters through the effect of House Duston, then bomb your opponent with Just Desserts and similar cards until you win. Normally I'm not a fan of alternate win decks like these, but my intense love for the Duston archetype is pulling me towards things I typically wouldn't even touch lol. It's worth noting that this deck has absolutely no testing yet, and is a purely theoretical concept right now. Nevertheless, let's take a closer look at the card choices:

1. You need three House Duston so that you can see it reliably and provide substitute Duston summons for if you burn a couple of your colored Dustons while blocking attacks. You have two of each color Duston so that you can hopefully summon a maximum of four monsters to both sides of the field when House Duston goes off, severely limiting your opponent's plays while giving you the time to draw into enough fire bombs to finish them off (and simultaneously strengthening said fire bombs).

2. Three Stygian Street Patrol helps get House Duston into the fray ASAP. Triple Battle Fader is to help defend you from lethal or Cowboy-range damage if you're unable to pull off your main play early enough.

3.Three Shard of Greed is the draw engine I chose for the deck, because triple Reckless just seemed too risky and I've really never liked that card. Shard is a solid card, especially since good players will tend not to use removal on it in hopes of hitting other targets. The trick of course is that there are very few other targets. ;)

4. Thunder Short, Just Desserts, Secret Barrel and Ceasefire are your main fire bombs, so try to hold them until you've pulled off your main play or they can deal a lot of damage. It's cool how literally one fourth of the deck is a potentially gigantic fire hazard, lol. The first time you see Ceasefire hit somebody for 4500 damage, you will be very happy.

5. Tremendous Fire, Chain Strike, and Misfortune are all just random slots I filled to get to 40 cards. I felt like the deck could benefit from extra burn effects to speed up your opponent's death (before they draw into that troublesome Dark Hole), but they could be potentially removed for other things since they aren't 100% necessary. Make no mistake that each of them are pretty good cards though, especially Misfortune. I'm surprised that card hasn't seen more attention over the years, since it can easily deal more than 1000 damage with no drawbacks (well, for Burn decks at least).

Right now there's no Side and no Extra (apart from a single Slacker Magician), but I plan to do something really cool with the Side by transforming the deck into the standard Duston OTK. Hopefully right as the opponent has sided out their defensive traps and brings in Royal Decrees and cards of that nature, you'll be able to punch them in the face with an 8000 ATK Goblin King for serious damage. With any luck, the extreme unfairness of burn decks and transformation in general will blindside someone long enough to take the match.

That's all for now! If you have any suggestions, leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

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