Thursday, July 18, 2013

JOTL Monster Box Spoilers: Will Prophecy Avoid the Sep. 2013 Banlist?

Some potentially sad news for you guys today. A picture posted on the Altereality Games Facebook Page purportedly shows the upcoming Judgment of the Light Monster Box, and one of the two designs for this brand new product appears to be none other than Prophecy and Spellbook cards:


For those of you that dislike Prophecy (myself included), don't lose hope just yet. For all we know, this design could have simply been chosen because World of Prophecy will debut in JOTL. I do believe however that the design means Prophecy may not get destroyed by the list as they probably should be.

Other details of note include the supposed name change from Judgment of the Light Monster Box to Judgment of the Light: Deluxe Edition, as well as the release date being 09/27/13. Thanks for reading, and I will update this post if any new details come out.

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